At Roshambo, we honor tradition and cherish the joy of shared experiences.



Born and bred in Sonoma County, Roshambo personifies the essence and vibe of the region. The appellation’s appreciation for time-honored tradition, authenticity, and unwavering commitment to sustainability is woven into the very DNA of Roshambo. 

Acclaimed winemaker Ondine Chattan’s long standing relationships with Sonoma County’s coveted growers provides exceptional sourcing for Roshambo wines.

A handful of small vineyards from the most alluring sub-appellations offers a fantastic canvas for Ondine to play with. 


Like the region, Roshambo wines are celebrated for their balance. They are layered, flavorsome wines with just the right harmony of fruit, earth, acid, and tannin, crafted with the best of traditional and modern winemaking techniques.

Mirroring the spirit of its playful namesake, a bottle of Roshambo brings people together with an unspoken feeling of carefree memories and the anticipation of something delicious. It celebrates the simple, joyful moments of happy chances and the beauty of camaraderie.